Digital Preshow Advertising Specs


Ad Material must be submitted at least one week prior to start date. Material submitted past this deadline or with the wrong specs might be displayed the following week. Any deadlines that are missed may result in a delay of the campaign for which Rainbow Cinemas/Magic Lantern Theatres can not be held responsible.

File Format

For still slides: file formats can be PSD, PDF, TIFF, Ilustrator EPS, high quality JPG


Total area: 1998 pixels wide x 858 pixels high, at 72 dpi.
Safe area: 1750 pixels x 625 pixels for text and logos. Anything outside that area might not display on all screens. This means all logo, and text should inside that area. Images can extend past that area.

Download Photoshop Template


All artwork preferred in RGB.
Avoid large areas of bright red or blue to reduce colour bleed. Bright colours and high contrasts will look better than muted colours on screen. Avoid very low contrast such as light grey / white or pastel combinations.


Minimum font size: 16 pt
High contrast between text and background is always preferable
Minimal amount of text is better. Keep in mind that slides will only stay on screen for 10 seconds.
Convert all text to curves (or rasterize) before sending final artwork to avoid font problems.

File Naming

Please name your files descriptive with the name of your company and the date the ad is scheduled to begin.

Example: Telus-Dec122012-01.jpg

Submission & Technical Support

To submit creative, or for help with design, please email Jordan at

Sales Support

Your sales representative can be reached at or Toll-Free at 1.877.253.8382.


Please note that all creative is subject to approval by Rainbow Cinemas/Magic Lantern Theatres prior to production as per the terms and conditions in your client contract.

Thank you for your business!